2-Piece Pole Advantage

Advantages of 2-piece Flagpoles

Since flagpoles in lengths of 30′ -35′ can be difficult to handle, to store and expensive to ship in some cases a 2-piece option can sometimes be available. Not only do the 2-piece flagpoles solve the problems just stated but they can be beneficial in other ways. The 2-piece flagpole creates a stronger and more durable flagpole as a result of the double wall at the most critical stress point (see diagram 1). The customer or end user will also find the 2-piece flagpole easier to transport and store. The flagpole is easy to assemble and instructions for this task are included with the flagpole. We have also included a diagram (see diagram 2) on this site for easier understanding of the assembly process.

2-Piece Assembly Instructions

Multiple section flagpoles are fabricated with a self-aligning jam sleeve that is field assembled with close tolerances. Inspect the shaft sections for damage before any assembly. It is imperative that these sections be handled with extreme care to avoid creating an out of round condition which would prevent the sections from forming a snug fit when assembled. This is not only an appearance issue but can affect the structural integrity of the flagpole. Do not expect to be able to disassemble the shaft sections after they have been put together. Taking them apart without damage is extremely difficult or impossible. No hardware should be installed until the shaft sections are totally assembled. The following information is intended to be a helpful guide to the installer. Previous experience in installing multiple piece flagpoles is beneficial.


(Diagram 1)


(Diagram 2)

Set the bottom section on blocks or saw horses in a horizontal position with the base of the shaft against an immovable object and rotate it until the match marks can be seen. They are stamped near the ends of each section. Protect all ends with wooden blocks and padding. Check the alignment or match marks. All numbers must be the same. If they do not, do not proceed. They will not properly fit together. If you have purchased more than one pole, verify that all sections are grouped with the correct match number. They are not interchangeable.

Carefully clean all mating surfaces of both the outside of the jam sleeve and the inside of the bottom part of the section into which the jam sleeve will be fitted. Carefully look for and remove any debris that might be in the section after the manufacturing or shipping process. Any foreign material may stop the sections from properly fitting. Check for and remove any burrs.

Cover the jam sleeve and the appropriate amount of the inner area of the section that it will be going into with a light layer of liquid soap. Do not use grease, oil or other petroleum products as these lubricants can seep out over time and stain the flagpole. Keep the finished surfaces of the shaft free of hand prints and excess lubricants.

Gently slide the section of the flagpole with the match mark in line with the lower section onto the jam sleeve as far as possible without forcing the two pieces together. The two pieces should be within 2″ of closure. If not, gently remove the section and recheck for any obstructions. Place blocks so that the two sections have a straight centerline. If the flagpole is a 3 piece unit, debur, clean, and lubricate the next section in the same manner.

With the pieces in line, place a 4×4 block of wood against the top of the flagpole to absorb the direct shock and firmly strike the wood to drive the sections together. Excessive force, that which will damage the ends, is not necessary. If the pieces are not coming together, contact your dealer.

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