Flagpoles although generally not complicated are available in several different types, sizes, and diameters for the diverse applications.

In our flagpole section, you will find that we have divided flagpoles into different categories for your convenience, Residential, Commercial, Nautical and Telescoping. Residential flagpoles are most commonly external halyard whereas commercial flagpoles can be either external or internal halyard.

We recommend an internal halyard system for flagpoles that are 35′ or taller.

Telescoping flagpoles are a unique concept that is more suited for residential use. They are easy to transport, install and operate. No halyard rope is needed and they are equipped to fly two flags right out of the box!

Flagpoles are supplied with wind ratings that are based on dimensions such as the base diameter and wall thickness. You will find all this information plainly stated with every flagpole listed on our website.

If you are not quite sure about the wind conditions in your area we have also included a wind chart to determine which flagpole is right for your application.

Due to the possibility of flagpole discoloration, do no leave the packaged flagpole outdoors in inclement weather conditions. 

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